The Threat

… to End Data-Driven Marketing

Data has transformed the marketing landscape forever.  It’s clear that our increasingly data-driven world is reshaping how consumers and brands engage, interact – and benefit from one another. But the threats to the data-driven way of life are growing every day. Congress and regulators around the globe want to put an end to the collection and use of consumer data.

  • The Federal Trade Commission is telling tall tales about marketing practices – that a consumer who buys a deep fryer online will be denied health insurance.
  • Consumer activists are using scare tactics – saying that “consumers are being pinned like insects to a pinboard” by marketers.
  • The press is slanting the story – reporting that marketers who collect personal consumer data are worse than the FBI or the IRS.
  • Congress is investigating data-driven marketers for the most basic – and ethical – marketing practices, and threatening legislation to stop the use of consumer data for marketing purposes.

…We cannot let these mischaracterizations about data-driven marketing stand.

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