January 24: Data Innovation Day

We are living in a data-driven world where consumers – and the economy – are enjoying greater benefits from innovative data use than ever before. The ability to collect and analyze data to drive strategic marketing is reshaping how individuals and organizations engage, interact and benefit from one another.

And yet, threats to this data-driven way of life are growing every day. Congress and regulators seem set on putting an end to the collection and use of consumer data by marketers and fundraisers.

As a proud partner in the first-ever Data Innovation Day, DMA is hosting a virtual event to celebrate data-driven marketing innovation – and to engage data-driven marketers in the growing data debate that is taking shape in Washington and around the world.

DMA will be hosting a webinar to support the efforts of the collective Data Innovation Day. For more general information about the initiative go to the website: datainnovationday.org


  • Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Chief of Direct Marketing News


  • Pam Dixon, Executive Director of the World Privacy Forum
  • Ernan Roman, President, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing
  • Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Vice President of Government Affairs for DMA
  • Joe Zawadski, CEO of MediaMath
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About Data Innovation Day: Data Innovation Day will be held on Thursday, January 24, 2013. The theme this year is “Big Data. Bigger Opportunities.” The purpose of Data Innovation Day is to raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities that come from increased use of information by individuals and the public and private sector. Visit www.datainnovationday.org for more information.


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