How DDMI Works

How DDMI Counters the Threat

  • DDMI advances and protects data-driven marketing by engaging the entire industry in a coordinated campaign to set the record straight about the countless ways that data-driven marketing benefits consumers and fuels the data-driven economy.
  • By increasing understanding and improving perceptions of data-driven marketing among policymakers, consumers and the media.
  • DDMI works to prevent needless regulation or enforcement that could severely hamper data-driven marketing and stifle innovation, reducing benefits to individual consumers and the economy as a whole.

How it Works

Advocacy: Bring data-driven marketers together to educate policymakers about the benefits that data-driven marketing provides to consumers and the economy at large – and to fight restrictions on the collection and use of data that fuels the data-driven economy.

Consumer Engagement and Education: Work to engage and educate consumers about the benefits they receive from the use of their data, as well as the privacy protections and preferences available to them.

Research: Coordinate and fund research to understand and communicate the value of the data-driven marketing industry to the overall economy; the consumer value that is derived from data-driven marketing; and consumer awareness about the use of data for marketing purposes.

Introduction to DDMI

Watch a 10-minute screencast that covers key points about the DDMi Initiative.

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